TV Channel carrier transmission service

13:58:01 13/10/2021

The leading operator in Vietnam for TV Channel carrier transmission service over satellite

VTC Digital provides the service to all National essential TV Channel, most of local TV Stations and media companies over the nation. The number of current TV channels on VTC Digital system represented a market share of over 75% of the service, covering the whole territory and the neighboring countries, reaching most of Vietnamese households.

The pioneering provider of deployment of the “one connection - multi-platform” cooperation model in Vietnam

With one connection, TV signal from customer’s channel can be well transmitted to various of digital platforms: Satellite, Terrestrial, Cable and Internet TV thanks to which organizations will be served with cost-effective solution to transmit their contents to viewers.

The state of art technical infrastructure for transmission service

VTC Digital owns the advanced technological and synchronous Headend system with reliable and flexible performance for safety and backup readiness. The system is equipped with OTA and LCN solutions, channel signal monitoring, processing and uplink/downlink sub-systems which enable the best operation for the service and the availability of Ultra HD and multi-channel audio provided to business customers.